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STAR 15 Giga

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STAR 15 Giga


Address: 111 Rue De Croix Hem, 59510 France

Phone(s): 3420, 33 8 00 66 55 55


Registered in the following countries: France

NordNet operates as a subsidiary of Orange. They are headquartered in Hem, France. They specialize in the provision of the following solutions: Internet access, Satellite Internet, Internet WiFi MAX, Internet ADSL France, WiMAX Internet access and Fiber Internet services. They also deliver security services and website solutions to individuals as well as businesses that operate in France. They were established in 1995. They now can also offer antivirus solutions, SEO deals, web hosting, domain names, etc.


Nordnet offers two types of satellite Internet plans between which there is one special plan called STAR 15 Giga. It is a very simple plan which includes 15GB of monthly traffic, unlimited surfing at night from midnight to 6 AM, unlimited calls to landlines in France, and more. It is perfect for families and single home users who would like to use Internet for web surfing, downloading small files, sending e-mails, etc. This broadband will satisfy your deepest Internet needs. 15GB of monthly data traffic can be exchanged each month. It costs only USD 43.10 a month.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
STAR 15 Giga 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $43,10 monthly 15GB