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ScopeSky fiber optic backbone

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ScopeSky fiber optic backbone


Address: Al Ameerat Street Hayy Al Mansur, Baghdad, Iraq

Phone(s): +964 781 069 7147


Registered in the following countries: Iraq

ScopeSky is one of the leading communications and IT companies in Iraq. With best-in-class specialists and ears of experience, the company is ready to provide services for even the most demanding customers. ScopeSky offers VoIP, Internet access, Intranet, clouding services, provides streaming and hosting services. More details about a variety of available services are given on request.


ScopeSky fiber optic backbone covers every province of Iraq. It is most important part of ScopeSky offer and helps in communication between governmental institutions and commercial companies. Dependability and efficiency of ScopeSky fiber optic backbone is available now for any demanding business customer.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
ScopeSky fiber optic backbone 1 kbit/s 1 kbit/s Business Internet $price on request yearly 1:1