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Secure High-Speed Internet DSL & Cable

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Secure High-Speed Internet DSL & Cable

Aristotle Inc.

Address: 401 West Capitol Ste 700 Little Rock, AR 72201

Phone(s): 501.374.i-Net (4638) Fax: 501-376-1377, 800.995.ARIS (2747)


Registered in the following countries: United States

Aristotle Inc. is a telecommunications company that was one of the first ISPs in the region. There was a moment that they reached a broad audience and new customers from one coast to other coast. Aristotle Inc. offers a wide range of products and services between which you may find search engine marketing, social media management as well as website design, e-mail, hosting, broadband services, application development,and more -everything depends on customers' needs.


Aristotle Inc. can offer you a Secure High-Speed Internet DSL & Cable. With such connections as well as dedicated bandwidth that can be used only by you, you will be able to surf the Net, watch online movies, play online games, be ‘always on’, use social media, enjoy faster Internet access to upload and download files at blazing speeds, and more. Aristotle Inc. can offer you Wireless High-Speed Internet for residential use. Businesses can also purchase such a service with an affordable installation price. This service is also available in the Central Arkansas area.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Secure High-Speed Internet DSL & Cable 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s DSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL $price on request yearly