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Triple Play TOP (Tricom)

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Triple Play TOP (Tricom)


Address: Calle Lope De Vega 95, Ensanche Naco, Santo Domingo

Phone(s): (809) 476-6000


Registered in the following countries: Dominican Republic

Tricom is and Internet Service Provider in the Dominican Republic. They can be described as a full service provider because they are one of the biggest data companies in the Dominican Republic. They have prepared a very wide scope of offerings including fixed, mobile as well as paid TV services across the country. Tricom's most popular service is WiMAX network as the most modern in the region. The Tricom's network can support a full array of high-speed broadband offerings & NG applications.


Tricom can offer you several plans with multiple advantages such as TV, Internet and Voice services in 1 package –Triple Play TOP. The package includes over 200 TV channels, Internet for home use at speeds of 30Mbps/ 2Mbps, 400 minutes for fixed voice services at affordable prices (excl. taxes). This offer is great for basic needs: surfing the web, listening to online music, contact with your friends via social media and more.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Triple Play TOP (Tricom) 30 Mbit/s 2 Mbit/s Home Internet $43,78 monthly