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Unitel (Angola)

Address: Unitel building Talatona Talatona Sector, Via CS3 Luanda Sul, Samba - Angola

Phone(s): T : 923-199-103, 19292, 19196 F : 222-371-739


Registered in the following countries: Angola

Unitel is an Angolan biggest mobile operator. This Angolan company is very well known and the whole country is proud because of the company's successes on the international IS arena. This modern company has (in some way) revolutionized the area of telecommunications. They have been providing high quality, high speed, innovative Internet and Internet-related services, i.e. LTE 4G. Thanks to this company Angola has the access to information services, entertainment and other options at once.


Unitel Angola offers something special for Internet users who wish to have Internet access with no large limits. Today, you can pay only for the mobile Internet Plan with 3G technology and use it in per month option. UNLIMITED NET 3G is a tariff that will make your flexible, secure, cheap Internet dreams come true. Thanks to this tariff you will pay less for using the Net per month. Of course, if you will decide that you need different data volume and you need it in a per MB, week or other option - just see other Unitel Angola offers and choose one that suits you best.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
UNLIMITED NET 3G 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Mobile broadband $133,20 monthly 20GB