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Wifi2go On Holiday

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Wifi2go On Holiday


Address: Gremi Teixidors, Pasaje Particular, 11 07009 Palma - SPAIN

Phone(s): Tel +(34) 971 109 200 Fax +(34) 971 574 775


Registered in the following countries: Spain

WIFI TO GO, S.L is a Mobile Internet Provider that operates in Spain. They are headquartered in Palma, Spain. They specializes in the provision of super-fast Internet across Spain (for people travelling to the country). Speeds can reach 500 Mbps. They deliver such solutions not only to individuals but also to businesses that need high-speed, flexible, secure, dependable Internet access at affordable prices.


WIFI TO GO, S.L as a Mobile Internet Service Provider in Spain can offer you now an outstanding wifi2go package. It is dedicated for individuals that have basic Internet needs (e-mail sending, using social media, browsing the Web, chatting, etc.). This is a very portable connection that is in the same way wireless and it is powered by battery. It needs only one-touch setup and then you will be able to enjoy your own wifi2go package in 3G coverage. Moreover, you will be able to share this broadband with up to 5 WiFi devices and it will easily fit your pocket. Wifi2go On Holiday includes 500MB of traffic a day.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Wifi2go On Holiday 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Wi-Fi $16,55 per day 500MB