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eDSL Office (VDSL)

Empirion Telekommunikations Services GmbH

Address: Horneckgasse 8 A-1170 Vienna, Austria

Phone(s): Tel: +43 1 4805000 Fax: +43 1 4805000 28


Registered in the following countries: Austria

Empirion Telekommunikations Services GmbH is an Internet Service Provider based in Vienna, Austria. They provide many Internet and Internet-related services for individuals as well as for businesses (small, medium, large enterprises). Empirion Telekommunikations Services GmbH as a team of IT specialists can offer you an excellent customer care service, high quality, secure, dependable and affordable solutions thanks to which your company can thrive and your family can use many different services at once with no fear about the costs. Empirion Telekommunikations Services GmbH offers E-DSL Home, E-DSL Office, e-mail services, web space, hosting,etc.


E-DSL service created by Empirion Telekommunikations Services GmbH is a high quality VDSL or ADSL service perfect for business needs. This service has speeds of up to 30 Mbps so your downloads will have 10x better performance. Uploads can reach up to 6 Mbps. VDSL option has speeds up to 16384 Kbps / 3072 Kbps and includes 500Mb for web space and you can have your own domain (, .com / .net / .org), fixed IP address. There are of course more benefits while using this service. Monthly charges excl. VAT.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
eDSL Office (VDSL) 16 Mbit/s 3 Mbit/s DSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL $108 monthly