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eTel Austria ADSL, SDSL

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eTel Austria ADSL, SDSL

eTel Austria AG

Address: Thomas A. Edison Straße 1, 7000 Eisenstadt

Phone(s): T : (50) 10-110 F : (50) 1011-5279


Registered in the following countries: Austria


eTel Austria AG is an Internet Service Provider operating in Austria so that the company can deliver to its customers high quality, secure and reliable, cost-effective Internet services delivered to households in a form of ADSL, SDSL. They can be used by large families or single home users with essential Internet needs (web surfing, checking e-mail box, using Skype, using social media, etc.). ADSL and SDSL can be used also by businesses if they will choose special business offers.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
eTel Austria ADSL, SDSL 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s DSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL $price on request yearly