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iCampus 3.0 (by CTM)

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iCampus 3.0 (by CTM)


Address: Telecentro, r/c, Rua de Lagos, Taipa

Phone(s): 1000


Registered in the following countries: Macao

CTM is an Internet Service Provider established in 1981. They deliver services to the residents in Macau with no need to wait long to have a telephone connection. CTM has created many innovative and highly recommended services so that their customers are happy to easily use their solutions at affordable prices in Macau. CTM is now a full telecom service provider of a great part of the complete social as well as economic infrastructure. They will probably stay on the market as a top ISP in Macau.


CTM offers iCampus 3.0 option which can be described as an Internet option best for encouraging teachers both with students to use the Internet connection to effective e-learning or as a learning channel. This “Campus Broadband” will deliver to you best quality and high speeds dedicated to Macau’s Students and also Teachers. The offer includes free usage per month hours (100), connection Fee –using existing line 45.50 USD, Connection Fee- Deploy New Line cost is 65 USD, deposit fee is 39 USD.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
iCampus 3.0 (by CTM) 3 Mbit/s 512 kbit/s Home Internet $8,19 monthly