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mieXDSL Speed 16

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mieXDSL Speed 16

mieX GmbH

Address: Bethlehemstraße 1c/5/17, 4020 Linz / other address Markt 8 A-4153 Peilstein

Phone(s): T : 59-008-008 F : (7287) 752-899


Registered in the following countries: Austria

Miex GmbH is one of leading Internet Service Providers in Austria. The company delivers also many secure, reliable, cost-effective telecommunication solutions to households across the country. MieX delivers telecommunication products and solutions not only to individuals but also to businesses (small, medium, large companies). In their portfolio of products and services you may find fixed telephony as well as high-speed broadband Internet tariffs. Today, the company has reached more than 9,000 customers between which there are over 200 businesses.


mieX offers mieXDSL Speed 8 tariff for residential use which includes speeds up to 16 Mbps for Download and 3072 Kbps for Upload. This tariff is best for medium Internet needs (surfing the Net, sending e-mails with enclosures, downloads, etc.). Basic monthly fee amounts to USD 25.70, annual service fee is USD 0.00 (not applicable for mieX), free on-site activation and support, no limit for data volume (FLAT). By purchasing this mieXDSL tariff you can also purchase a WLAN modem USD 31.32.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
mieXDSL Speed 16 16 Mbit/s 3 Mbit/s Home Internet $25,70 monthly