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Hello, I am looking for high speed internet options in Monkey River Belize. Please let me know all costs for equipment, set up, etc.
Satellite cellphone service, internet, cable TV service inquiry
Good Afternoon, we'll be moving this summer to Valley of Peace area in Cayo district Belize. Located about 30 minutes between Spanish Lookout and Belmopan. We noticed that the regular cellphone reception is very poor in our area. Do TS2 SPACE provide reliable services in our area? What would be the monthly price? What would be the installation costs? Thanks for your assistance
Internet connection
Hello, we live off the grid in Belize and need a solid SpaceX internet connection. What do you have to offer? Thank you. Caroline
proposition nouvelle technologie
ACCES INTERNET HAUT DEBIT PAR LES AIR !!! et par les air sans travaux d'installaion couteux !! C'est internet haut débit 4G équivalent a la fibre optique ...mais sans tranché pour le transporter dans des des cables ..!! uniquement dans les air !!! si donc vous voulez etre à la pointe et surtout avec une longueur d'avance sur vos concurrents , alors contactez moi rapidement !! 06 50 72 73 88 Mr Rodolphe Ronel
Internet Service
We are in a remote part of Belize. In need of internet service.
Looking for internet and tv for rural area near orange walk.
Internet and tv service provider
Want to talk about OneWeb tv and internet service
Internet satellite
We will be doing mining exploration in a remote (jungle) place in Belize I need to know how much to buy the dish, etc How much it is going to TS2 SPACE cost per month? ( if you have several package, I would like to see them all) I have installed internet satellite at several remote place in Canada and I know a technician is needed to install. We will pay transport in truck or helicopter. How much the installation is going to be ( cost) Thanks Luc Geologist
OneWeb Internet needs
Please contact me re reliability/speeds/pricing. Thank you.
Options in Toledo, Belize
Please contact us re SpaceX speed/reliability details and pricing.
Television and internet
Need internet service
Satellite internet access
We are a small restaurant and resort on an island in belize looking for better quality internet to offer to our guests. Must be able to use for security camera systems. We are also interested in phone system also for with access to computer phone systems. Please send us TS2 SPACE packages available along with pricing. Also, please provide additional requirements if necessary.
internet required
hard to reach area due to tall trees. TS2 SPACE
Trying to get internet service
Trying to get internet. Contact me: Bob
I want to have internet by BusinessCom VSAT satilite
Hi just want to know if TS2 SPACE provide internet in remote area of Belize Central America if yes what’s the process
Internet services in Maypen area Belize
SMART Net - Pay as You Go Premium Smart Zoom
Dedicated Internet
I would like to know how much will Belize Telemedia cost for four dedicated megs with an static ip in Belmopan Cayo District, Belize
High speed Internet
We are looking for reliable High speed Internet in a rural area via satellite. We would also like TS2 SPACE pricing information.
Information regarding satellite internet access and the radius of coverage
I am located in Belize. My base operations and outlying locations are situated within a kilometer of each other. I am interested in a scale of prices for TS2 SPACE satellite internet service to determine the best option for providing internet service to my base and to the outlying sites.
Internet & phone service
WE live in Belize in a isolated area and need a reliable, fast internet/phone service. We also spend time in Canada. Is your service world-wide or will we need separate services for each country,
Setting up internet for personal use on south water caye
Hi, I live in the United States and I'm inquiring the costs of setting up TS2 SPACE internet access for our place on south water caye in Belize.
Bandwidth for ISP in Belize
Hello, I am interested in TS2 SPACE 100 Mbps download and upload to some sites in Belize. I am based in the USA but I am researching costs to provide small areas in Belize with better Internet service. Please send me more information. Thanks!
Possible service in Toledo, Belize, Central America
I am interested in getting high speed internet service in Punta Gorda, Belize, Central America. Is that an area that TS2 SPACE can provide service?
Service in Belize by using dish
Hello, I would like to know if I can get high speed Biglobe internet service here in Belize C.A. If yes, I would like to know some plans. I need like 10+ Mbps...thanks!
No FAPNo CAP service
Hello, My name is Charles Morris. I have been using in Afghanistan on Hylas2 for a few years now. I am making plans to return to the Americas. TS2 had a link to the website and they listed you. No FAPNo Cap satellite internet service is hard to find in the US and Belize. You list 10Mb down and 10Mb up for business. Can you give me a quote for my business. I am interested in one VSAT in Nevada, USA, and one in Stann Creek, Belize. The Belize want 19% tax on me for operating WiFi or Telecom. They have a state run internet service called BTL. What can you do for me. Also, I have a third party hotspot system service to manage payments and user accounts, but would you be able to offer me the same thing from your NOC so I had one bill? Basically you are supplying my with AAA radius services and CC processing. Thank you for your time. Just providing me with a 10Mb up10Mb down, hopefully no FAP, would be fantastic for business in Belize. I look forward to a quote.
Does Businesscom Networks Service reach hunting caye island, Belize?
high speed internet and satelite hdtv
we have a Motorola shaw/direct receiver with us Live outside Dangriga near Hope Creek Village
I would like to have reliable fast internet at my house in Placencia Belize. What options do I have?
remote area
we are looking to build in belize and it is in an area with no utilities. would you be able to set up a system for someone who would like to have internet service in a remote area. thank you, jim
We need reliable internet please
We live in Hopkins Village, Belize and we need internet
Satelite internet and TV
WE are opening an Eco lodge just outside of Belmopan in Belize and will ned internet and television. Can you provide a quote please?


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