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Last Inquiries from Ukraine

URGENT! Tooway system is needed to support Ukraine
Hi! I'm from Ukraine and it is very important to get 2 basic sets of Tooway satellite internet systems for our army right now. The set should include at least: Tooway KA antenna ±75 cm with mast mounting (max 70mm) Tooway KA modem Tooway KA BUC/LNB for sending and receiving Could you please help me to find the systems? I can pay for them and deliver them to Ukraine by using my friends. I just need help finding these systems.
Cost of TS2 SPACE Satellite Internet In The Ukraine
Hi. We're looking to offer our team of software engineers in Ukraine access to the internet via satellite to reduce the risk of service outage due to the regional issues they are experiencing right now. We would look for approx 20-30 Mb Download and 1-5 Mb upload speeds. Can you provide this service? What would the cost be? How hard is it to install the equipment? Thanks, Chris
TS2 SPACE Informazioni
Vorrei sapere chi contattare per istallazione servizio.
Fiber optic Ukrtelecom JSC internet (up to 100mbps)
I wanna register for fiber optic internet (up to 100mbps)
Calculate Cost TS2 SPACE
Hi i want to place your system and want to least much it cost?
Availability Stage at the Ukraine teritory
Hello Is SpaceX sattelite internet available at the territory of Ukraine and ready for using at this moment? If so, what kind of equipment and price of it to start using sattelite internet ? Thanx
internet home
adress kiev ukraine
Cost for connecting
Netlux ISP (Nadezhda)
Hello, I just wanted to inquire about having a Ukrtelecom wifi connection in my place of residence in Kyiv. I would like to receive a breakdown in terms of pricing to have a complete setup of your system in my apartment. I want to know which devices will be required in order to connect internet in the apartment, which router will be needed in order to utilize the full 1000 Mbps internet speed, I want to know about the monthly recharge fees. I would be glad if you can breakdown the whole process and also all devices that will be needed as well as the prices for each step and the total amount due to have this service. Thank you.
WiFi connection
I want Velton Telecom WiFi networks connection
one Web satellite service
Please provide me with OneWeb prices for one web hardware and airtime packages. thank you
Ukrayna odessa da evimize Lucky Net İnternet bağlatmak istiyoruz yardımcı olur musunuz
install internet in Sumy
Hi I need to install and activate Kyivstar internet in the apartment in Sumy can u do it and how much that will cost?
Wireless internet
Please does Ukrtelecom provide wireless internet services for homes in vinnytsia
Internet in Antarctida in point 65S 64W
We need Internet service in Antarctica in point with coordinates 65S 64N If you have expiriance in this, please inform us.
GIGBIT internet
Ukrtelecom JSC Lomonosova
Gigabit internet
I am looking for a internet provider for 1000 mbps ... my home business will be located at Lomonosova 60A, apartment 49
Ukrtelecom JSC Internet s. Kutkovtsi, Chemerovetskiy rajon, Chmelnitskaia obl.
Home hi speed internet for a friend in Kharkiv Ukraine
I'm in the US and have a girlfriend in Kharkiv Ukraine. I'm trying to set her up with hi speed Lucky Net - Reactive (Fiber Optic) internet. This is for residential. I'm not sure what it cost, but if its affordable, I'll pay for it. We needto be able to do video chat primarily, so I need aquote on installation, the monthly service fee and what are we getting for the money? And is it available without a contract? Thanks, Rich
Internet for the home
Looking to help a girlfriend in the Ukraine our. Wishing to provide Kharkiv Internet to her home. What would it cost?
Интернет беспроводной
Интернет беспроводной
Quote needed
I am looking for TS2 SPACE satellite internet service and possibly an added television package, if available.
High speed internet in Kiev
I am buying an apartment in Kiev and would like the best possible Lucky Net - Reactive (Fiber Optic) internet service. Preferably with a few static IP addresses. Is this possible in Comfort Town? I close on the apartment January 25th.
Personal Internet
I need Satellite internet
Price and availability of FTTH
Price and availability of good upload speed Vega Telecom internet (10Mbps minimum). It's for an apartment in a block in Kalynova St, Dnipropetrovs'k, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine. Please provide all fees/charges for monthly costs for installation,equipment etc and any on going costs. Please provide alternate solution for minimum upload speed 10Mbps if fiber is not available.
Price and availability of good upload speed internet (10Mbps minimum)
Price and availability of good upload speed Ukrtelecom JSC internet (10Mbps minimum). Preferred Fibre to an apartment in Kalynova St, Dnipropetrovs'k, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine Require Monthly costs, cost of installation, any extra fees or charges for equipment etc. and any ongoing costs. Also include other options/solutions if fibre is not available, must be minimum 10Mbps
Internet min. 50 Mbit Full Duplex
Dear all, I would like to know if Ukrtelecom JSC can provide a 50Mbit full duplex connection for a new Office in Kiev. We are a company in Germany with some employees from Ukraine/Kiev and we would open a small office there (6-10 employees) and looking for an internet and telephone provider. Can you send me an overview with your current options and rates please? Best regards Marcus
Internet connection need
Lucky Net - Reactive (Fiber Optic)
contacty me ems
I need internet at the address
contact me ems
she wants Life - 3G Internet 3GB service at that address
Satellite internet
Hello , i am searching for a reliable tooway satellite internet prepaid for my fiance residing in Zaporozhye. the region she lives she has poor internet connection and mostly disruption during rain and black outs. i want ask if your company does such installation , i will also be moving to Ukraine in 1-2 months , and internet is so much important to keep us connected . Solar panel also may be an adds -on option. if you can give me a quote and advice .
Satillite Internet
I'm an American soldier currently stationed in Ukraine. We have local Wifi on base but it's a bit spotty for us. So me and a few guys want to go in together on our own sattilite internet. Just trying to get Businesscom Networks prices and what now.
Request Price
How much would cost a Ukrtelecom JSC 1024 Mbit/s line in Novovolynsk Ucraine, for a internet company?
service in Chernivtsi
Can Kyivstar provide broadband (100 MB max download) service to a house in Chernivtsi Ukraine.
Pricing and availability
Hello TS2 SPACE, I am looking to activate my Vsat equipment with a provider that has Ku-band covrage of all of Ukraine. Looking for speeds of 1.5+ Down and 1.5+ Up. Here is list of equipment all ready installed DV SAT EQUIPMENT AVL Technologies Unit AVL 1078K New Japan Radio Co. Unit (Ku Band) NJT5127FL Norstar LMB 1207HA Cobham Sat Controller iDirect X5 Modem Evolution X5
VSAT Service in Antarctica
Hi! The dialogue is about KU-band or C-Band VSAT services with fixed monthly fee, traffic volume and • shared bandwidth in Antarctica. The target price: up to 500 USD/month. We have a General Dynamics's 1.8M Rx/Tx offset antenna system with an Az/El mount (series number 1184). Thanks in advance for prompt reply!
Спутниковый интернет
Нужен спутниковый интернет для работы в Нигерии
wifi broadband details
i want to know all deatils of wifi broadband internet providers in kharkiv, like companies, packs, their terms and conditions.
Internet at sea
Good Day, I am seamen. Please advise how can I get SES4 internet access at sea. What is minimum requirements & which equipment (or telephon) should I have on hands? Actually I would like to have access only for chating. Thanking you in advance.
Организации нужен спутниковый интернет
Черкасская область Каневский р-н с.Липлява до Businesscom Networks 100 Мгбит
какая цена інтернета?
Какая цена в Украине? Реальная скорость?
looking for a mobile internet solution
Can you please give me a price for a mobile internet connection.? Looking to mount on a vehicle. most secure connection. I will need all the equipment. Break down of different speeds with prices. Also shipping to the Ukraine
Fraud Frontier Financial Fund
Private Encrypted Sattelite Channels for Total Free Tor Network... No more .gov
Rent SkyEdge PRO or SkyEdge IP
Dear Sirs I have a job (video conference) in August in Kiev. I need rental SkyEdge PRO or SkyEdge IP for one day in August in Kiev (I have only Ka-sat / tooway) I have many dish for Uplink , but I have not your modem. Dear Sirs I have a job (video conference) in August in Kiev. I need rental SkyEdge PRO or SkyEdge IP for one day in August in Kiev (I have only Ka-sat / tooway) I have many dish for Uplink , but I have not your modem. Maybe you can give me the contact in the Ukraine, who can help me with this modem. You can also send modem to me (as an individual) by post Give me please contact (spoke in English) of the person that can help me with my problem Regards Sergey
Internet Service
Can you please send me information of service provided for the Odesssa, Ukraine area?
Kit for satellite Internet
Good afternoon! I need a compact Kit for satellite Internet powered by 12vol′t. The minimum size of the dish antenna
Satellite ISP
Hi, we are searching for the independent satellite provider, our office is lokated in Ukraine. And here are some questions: Could you provide us with the speeds of up to 20Mbps downstream and 10Mbps upstream? What is the subscription fee? Do you have some limits about download traffic volume? How do you consider the payment for your service?
mobile installation
there are options for the mobile units?
Здравствуйте, мне не понятно входит ли трафик 30 GB в месяц в стоимость оборудования или необходимо работать через провайдера?
what are the setup fee's for satelite internet
end of august my wife and I will visit her family for over a month there is very bad internet. I like ask can this be installed by then ? with the 40.00 a month plan and what are the total install fee
satellite internet in Ukraine
Good afternoon! Could you tell me, please, whether there is the ability to install the satellite internet in Ukraine, and what is the price? Maybe you have got the price list for us to get acquainted with the prices?
Internet Connection via Satellite
Can I purchase service of Internet Connection via Satellite? i.e. 40$ per month, includes the HW, SW and service?
internet satellite
Please quote me for a personal residencial system to obtain internet in Western Ukraine near the city of Chernovtsi. I want the fastest speeds as possible for my new house under construction.
We are building a small house in Western Ukraine. The area has no internet service and wireless is spotty. What is the cost to install and operate a simple satellite internet system for our 2 laptops that will be in the house? We want as fast speed as possible. We watch streaming movies, occasionally. We make lots of VOiP calls, too. Very little data downloads. Just simple surfers of the internet.
satellite internet
Hello, I would like to have satellite internet access from Ukraine, approximately 45.446403,28.319321. It should be full granted independent speed internet with a moving possibility . I'm in favour of TWOWAY. Can you help to get me a full pack equipment and access account?
to buy internet solution
Hi, I purchased from You the ISat Pro some years ago for the voice communication. Now I need not expensive Internet Sat. solution for rear using in Europe, Medeterranian, Caspian and Black Sea area as well. The requirements: -matching to Laptop -possibility to visit some internet pages, to use chats, and e-mail. -no high speed required ( but not 2400 also...) - without monthly payments or with small amount - payment for MBs, NOT FOR MINUTES What can You offer ? Maybe, Tooway, Globalstar or Thuraya ?? Thank You in advance for the prompt reply Faithfully, Dmytro, Kiev, Ukraine
I want to buy the Tooway Internet sat.system with prepaid Please, inform me about the prices
Sdrastvuite ,ia s goroda Dneprodzershinska,Dnepropetrovskoi oblasti y jotela vi usnat po-podrobnee ob uslugaj interneta.spasibo
need contacts
Need adress or telephone you partners in Ukraine
I want to subscribe for Internet
I want to subscribe for Internet Tooway or similar


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