Government Warns Former MPs, Civil Servants, and Military Personnel Against Working with Chinese Firms

The UK government has issued a warning against former MPs, civil servants, and military personnel working with Chinese companies due to concerns about the perceived threat posed by Beijing. A recent report suggested that China had attempted to recruit British individuals in strategic positions as part of its espionage operations.

According to the parliamentary spy agency watchdog’s landmark paper on China, Chinese intelligence services aggressively target the UK. The Home Office Minister, Chris Philp, urged individuals with sensitive knowledge and experience to exercise caution. He emphasized that China’s systematic campaign of intellectual property theft and attempts to infiltrate public life are cause for significant concern.

The government has taken measures to safeguard UK interests, such as the removal of Huawei equipment from telecommunications networks. Mr. Philp stressed the need for utmost vigilance, especially for those who have worked in the public sector, including civil servants, military personnel, and individuals involved in politics. He suggested that these individuals should be exceptionally cautious and should avoid working with Chinese state organizations after leaving public service.

The Intelligence and Security Committee of MPs revealed that Beijing has sought to recruit former political figures for lucrative positions to enhance its influence. Downing Street officials assured that there are robust rules and protections in place to regulate such activities.

Pressure has mounted on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to adopt a tougher stance on Beijing since a Parliamentary researcher was detained on suspicion of spying for China, a claim that he denies.

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