French Radiation Watchdog Calls for Withdrawal of iPhone 12 Due to High Radiation Levels

France’s radiation watchdog, the ANFR, has issued a public statement stating that the iPhone 12 breaches radiation levels. The agency has instructed Apple to temporarily halt iPhone 12 sales in France and release a fix as soon as possible.

The ANFR measures Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) to determine radiation levels. While the iPhone 12 complies with the standard SAR limit of 2 W/kg for tissue absorption near the head, the ANFR found that when held in the hand or placed in a pocket, the phone exceeded the SAR limit with a measurement of 5.74 W/kg, above the range of 4 W/kg.

Although the issue raises concerns, Apple can address it through a software update instead of initiating a product recall. The company is expected to work on a software solution to meet regulatory requirements.

France’s junior minister for telecommunications, Jean-Noël Barrot, stated that Apple has a couple of weeks to comply with French regulations before further action is taken. The timing of this statement coincides with the ANFR’s public announcement, suggesting a deliberate media campaign by the French minister.

Apple has responded to the ANFR’s findings, stating that the iPhone 12 has been certified as compliant by international regulators and has undergone independent lab testing to meet SAR standards worldwide. The company plans to contest the ANFR’s results while engaging with the agency to find a resolution.

Following the release of the newer iPhone 15 models, Apple has ceased iPhone 12 sales. This move indicates the company’s commitment to address the radiation level issue in its previous model and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.