Companies Relocating Headquarters to Dallas-Fort Worth

Frontier Communications is the latest company to relocate its corporate headquarters to Dallas-Fort Worth. This year alone, 14 companies have made the move to North Texas, including Kelly-Moore Paint Co. and Inbenta. Some companies, such as McAfee Corp. and West Shore Homes, have set up regional headquarters instead. The region is already home to two dozen Fortune 500 companies, with half of them coming from outside the area.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has seen significant business growth and job creation. According to Mike Rosa, Senior Vice President of the Dallas Regional Chamber, this region has experienced a unique combination of job growth and company relocations. Texas’ overall economic growth has also contributed to this trend.

Frontier Communications’ move to Dallas will bring in an estimated 3,000 new jobs and inject $3.8 billion into the local and state economy. Other notable corporate relocations include McKesson Corp., AMN Healthcare, Tenet Health, Charles Schwab, Comerica, Canyon Partners, Fisher Investments, Fluor, Jacobs, AECOM, CBRE, and Landsea Homes.

Various factors have attracted companies to Dallas-Fort Worth. These include its convenient access to other markets through air travel, a diverse labor market, and a promising future. The region’s focus on technology, artificial intelligence, life sciences, and telecommunications has made it an ideal location for businesses in these sectors.

According to economist Ray Perryman, Texas is projected to add over 1.3 million jobs by 2027, with a significant portion in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With its vibrant economy and thriving business ecosystem, it remains one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States.