Gilat Satellite Networks Receives Contract for Satellite Network Modernization in Ethiopia

Gilat Satellite Networks has announced that it has been awarded a contract by Ethio Telecom, Ethiopia, for the modernization of their satellite network. The company will deploy its SkyEdge II-c technology, along with hundreds of Capricorn and Gemini Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs), to improve satellite-based 4G cellular backhaul capabilities and enhance communication services in remote areas across Ethiopia.

Ethio Telecom’s Chief Network Infrastructure Officer, Mr. Tesfaye Tadesse, stated that in their modernization efforts, they carefully evaluated their options and found Gilat’s technology to be the best choice for enabling reliable and efficient mobile connectivity and enterprise communications in Ethiopia.

Gilat Satellite Networks expressed pride in working with Ethio Telecom, one of Africa’s leading and innovative telecom companies. They value their longstanding partnership with Ethio Telecom and are pleased to be working together to provide the latest satellite communication technology for nationwide connectivity.

The contract with Gilat Satellite Networks will play a crucial role in improving telecom services in Ethiopia, especially in remote areas where access to communication infrastructure is limited. The deployment of SkyEdge II-c technology and VSATs will help overcome these challenges and facilitate better connectivity, enabling more people to access essential services, such as mobile communication and enterprise networks.

This partnership between Gilat Satellite Networks and Ethio Telecom highlights the commitment to bridging the digital divide in Ethiopia and ensuring that all citizens have access to reliable and efficient communication services. The modernization of the satellite network will contribute to the socioeconomic development of the country by promoting connectivity, innovation, and economic growth.