Graham Norton Reflects on Career, Turning 60, and Publishing His Fourth Novel

Graham Norton, the popular BBC talk show host, has recently released his fourth novel, “Forever Home”. Norton, known for his successful talk show where he has interviewed numerous celebrities, has also dabbled in writing. In addition to his novels, he published a memoir in 2016.

Norton’s latest novel, like his previous works, is set in his hometown in Ireland. The story takes place in a small town outside West Cork, where Norton grew up. Norton himself had aspirations of exploring the world and pursuing a career in acting or comedy. During his college years in 1983, he visited the US on a student visa and found himself in San Francisco during a pride parade. This experience opened his mind to the diversity and excitement of the world outside his small Irish hometown.

After some uninspiring jobs, Norton found his calling in stand-up comedy. He eventually landed his own talk show and became a household name in the UK. Norton has also hosted the Eurovision song contest and served as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

Now at the age of 60, Norton feels content with his career and the experiences he has had. He has embraced the aging process and even credits it with bringing him back to writing. Norton describes his latest novel, “Forever Home”, as a dark romp filled with twists, turns, and social satire. The story is set in the familiar backdrop of small-town life, a setting Norton fondly remembers from his childhood.

Reflecting on his journey, Norton acknowledges the challenges of fame and the pressure that comes with it. While he enjoys the status and recognition, he is also aware of the loss of privacy and the constant scrutiny that celebrities face.

Overall, Norton is grateful for his career and the opportunities that have come his way. As he continues to host his talk show and explore new ventures, he remains optimistic about the future and has faith in the younger generation.