iMocha Participates in Catalyst Project for Telco Transformation

iMocha, an AI-powered Skills Intelligence Cloud, has announced its participation in the “Rise of the bots” catalyst project. The project aims to assist Communication Service Providers (CSPs) in optimizing their organization, talent, skills, and culture to successfully introduce AI-enabled applications in their businesses. The catalyst project is showcased at the TM Forum’s DTW 2023 event in Copenhagen.

The catalyst project, championed by ADVANCED INFO SERVICE PLC, China Mobile, MTN, and STC, brings together solution partners such as iMocha, Eastcom software, and Huawei. The project aims to address the talent challenge faced by the industry and help CSPs transform into techco organizations.

As part of the project, iMocha has worked on a Telecom Talent Branding Guide that provides best practices and a sample branding roadmap for companies. The guide is designed to enable CSPs in their transformation journey, from candidate to alumni lifecycle. iMocha’s experience in working with talent teams has highlighted the availability of skills as a key barrier to digital transformation.

iMocha’s Skills Intelligence Cloud is used by over 500 organizations in 70+ countries. The platform helps enterprises build a skills-first and data-driven ecosystem for hiring, upskilling, and managing talent. It includes features such as skills profiling, skills taxonomy, benchmarking, and analytics, which assist in making data-driven talent decisions.

The Telco Transformation catalyst project at TM Forum’s DTW 2023 event serves as a platform for showcasing the latest innovations in the global telecom industry. With iMocha’s participation, CSPs can leverage AI-powered solutions to overcome talent challenges and accelerate their digital transformation journey.