Intelsat Signs MoU with Aalyria to Develop New Optical Technology for Ground-Space Data Transfer

Intelsat, a leading provider of inflight connectivity and operator of a large integrated satellite and terrestrial network, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Aalyria, a communications pioneer specializing in advanced software-defined and optical networking technologies. The MoU includes financial commitments to support the development of a new optical technology for transferring large amounts of data between ground and space.

The collaboration between Intelsat and Aalyria aims to utilize Aalyria’s groundbreaking technologies to achieve highly-secure connectivity at unprecedented speeds in satellite communications. The partnership will enable enhanced mobile broadband connections and contribute to Intelsat’s Next Generation Unifying Network vision, which encompasses software-defined networking, 5G, and multi-orbit operations.

Through the MoU, Intelsat and Aalyria will work together to deploy Aalyria’s software and hardware platform, capable of orchestrating bi-directional optical ground and space connectivity at speeds of hundreds of gigabits per second. These technologies will offer secure and ultra-fast ground-space connectivity for government and commercial customers. By 2024, Aalyria aims to deliver massive data files in real time and provide backup networks for cases of capacity shortage or compromise.

According to Chris Taylor, CEO of Aalyria, the collaboration will revolutionize space-based connectivity, similar to how the transition from copper to fiber optics transformed terrestrial connectivity. Aalyria’s multi-orbit network-as-a-service will enable secure all-optical connectivity at speeds ranging from hundreds of gigabits per second to multi-terabit connectivity for various platforms, including spacecraft, aircraft, maritime, and remote field operations. The partnership between Intelsat and Aalyria aims to reshape what is possible, creating a fundamental capability to lead and enable a vibrant new space economy.

About Intelsat:
Intelsat is a global communications company that provides seamless and secure satellite-based communication services to government, NGO, and commercial customers. With a next-generation network and managed services, Intelsat facilitates communication across the world. The company’s innovative solutions have made it a leader in the satellite industry.

About Aalyria:
Aalyria is a global company that specializes in advanced networking and laser communication technologies. Their Tightbeam product offers atmospheric corrected coherent free space optics solutions, while their Spacetime platform is an all-orbit, all-domain, software-defined network orchestration solution. Aalyria’s technologies aim to enhance connectivity on Earth and in space, enabling commercial and government customers to optimize their assets and achieve greater effectiveness and profitability.