Intelsat Partners with Telespazio to Enhance Digital Infrastructure in Europe

Intelsat has announced a partnership with Telespazio to expand its digital infrastructure, broadband, and broadcast capabilities in Europe. As part of this partnership, Intelsat will add Telespazio’s Fucino space center in Italy to its partner teleport network.

The partnership between Intelsat, a leading provider of inflight connectivity, and Telespazio, a global player in satellite solutions and services, aims to enhance connectivity between Intelsat’s data center in Germany and Telespazio’s Fucino facility. This will enable Intelsat to support the growth of its global FlexEnterprise offering and provide managed satellite services.

Telespazio’s Fucino Space Centre, which has been operational since 1963, is renowned for its in-orbit satellite control, space mission management, and telecommunications services. With 170 antennas, it is considered the world’s first and most important teleport for civilian use. The partnership with Intelsat will allow Telespazio to expand its services in the energy and government market segments.

Alessandro Caranci, Senior Vice President of Satellite Communications at Telespazio, expressed his excitement about the agreement, highlighting the opportunities it brings for expanding services from their Fucino teleport. Rhys Morgan, VP and General Manager, EMEA Media and Networks Sales at Intelsat, emphasized that the Fucino gateway will provide in-country ground facilities for customers with regulatory and security requirements, as well as media businesses seeking European or global distribution.

This partnership signifies Intelsat’s commitment to expanding its presence in Europe and improving its digital infrastructure capabilities. It will enable greater connectivity and service offerings for customers in various sectors, such as energy, government, and media.

Overall, the collaboration between Intelsat and Telespazio is expected to drive innovation and further advancements in Europe’s digital landscape.