Telecom Retail: Addressing Complexities and Thriving with Interconnected Commerce Solutions

Telecom retail is faced with numerous complexities, from legacy systems to disconnected customer experiences. On top of that, the industry has been hit with challenges like global pandemics, economic uncertainties, labor shortages, changing customer demands, intense competition, and new technologies.

To address these trends and help telecom retailers thrive in any conditions, iQmetrix, the only provider of Interconnected Commerce solutions for telecom in North America, will be hosting the 2023 Telecom Industry Address on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, at 11:00 am ET. This virtual keynote will provide valuable insights on sector megatrends, survey results, 2024 forecasts, and key barriers that the industry is facing.

The event will feature industry experts and leaders who will discuss innovative solutions to overcome pain points and create uplifting experiences for telecom brands, retailers, and consumers. The keynote is open to all and aimed at benefiting telecom carriers, authorized retailers, manufacturers, multi-carrier and national retailers, adjacent organizations and technology platforms, trade media, and more.

Stacy Hamer, Chief Operating Officer at iQmetrix, expressed excitement for the event, stating that the industry experts will delve into new and better ways of creating great experiences in telecom retail through technology, innovation, and collaboration.

After the 90-minute session, attendees can expect to gain fresh perspectives on how to elevate their retail operations. Media representatives from the telecom and retail industries are welcome to attend, and expert interviews can be arranged before and after the event.

Registration for the 2023 Telecom Industry Address is now open and can be done through the provided registration page.

About iQmetrix:
iQmetrix offers Interconnected Commerce software solutions for telecom retail. Their comprehensive set of modular and flexible telecom-specific technologies empower retailers to enhance the customer experience, transact, activate, fulfill products, operate their business, and unify online and in-store experiences. With a wide network of clients and extensive industry experience, iQmetrix is passionate about helping leading telecom brands adapt and thrive. For more information, visit