Korean telecom giant KT proposes to assist Ukraine’s telecommunication infrastructure and energy efficiency

Korean telecommunications company KT has offered its assistance to the Ukrainian government in improving the country’s telecommunication infrastructure and managing energy efficiency in key government networks. Moon Sung-uk, head of KT’s Global Business, presented the company’s proposal during his visit to Kiev. He met with Ukraine’s key government officials, including the deputy prime minister and cabinet ministers, to discuss the plan.

KT’s proposal includes the establishment of a government-exclusive disaster-responsive communication network called public safety-LTE (PS-LTE). This network would ensure high security and enhance Ukraine’s national defense capabilities. The company also suggested implementing a military-broadband convergence network (M-BcN) for stable communication and round-the-clock monitoring of the situation room.

Moon highlighted KT’s successful implementation of a similar network in Korea in 2018, which was hailed as the “world’s first” disaster-responsive state network. He emphasized the potential benefits it could bring to Ukraine in rebuilding its communication infrastructure.

In addition to telecommunication improvements, KT proposed introducing a government-exclusive internet data center (G-IDC) to manage critical data for national security purposes. This would enhance Ukraine’s ability to handle sensitive information efficiently.

Regarding the country’s power generation, which has significantly decreased due to the Russian invasion in February 2022, KT suggested utilizing its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to help power companies in Ukraine efficiently manage households’ power consumption and address power shortage issues.

KT’s proposal comes as part of the One Team Korea delegation, comprising 18 state-run and private firms, visiting Ukraine to sign agreements on postwar reconstruction. Moon and other representatives from KT expressed their confidence in the company’s information and communication technology (ICT) solutions being instrumental in Ukraine’s infrastructure recovery efforts.