South Korean Telecom Giant KT Corp. Offers Solutions to Improve Ukraine’s Telecom Infrastructure

South Korean telecommunications company, KT Corp., has presented suggestions to the Ukraine government on how to enhance the country’s war-torn telecom infrastructure and promote energy efficiency. The recommendations were made during a forum organized by South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in Kyiv. KT Corp. was part of a delegation called One Team Korea, which included 18 state-run and private firms specializing in various sectors.

During the forum, KT Corp. delivered a presentation titled “ICT Partner for Ukraine,” sharing their plans to assist Ukraine in rebuilding its telecommunications network with Korea’s Land Minister Won Hee-ryong and key Ukrainian government officials. The company emphasized the importance of establishing a government-only LTE-based public safety network to ensure high-security standards and enable quick responses in emergency situations.

KT Corp. also proposed the construction of a military-broadband convergence network, which would provide stable communications and facilitate continuous operation of situation room monitoring for national defense purposes. Additionally, the company suggested enhancing national security through quantum encryption solutions and building a government-exclusive integrated data center for integrated and stable data management and operation.

Given Ukraine’s current energy crisis, KT Corp. recommended their advanced metering infrastructure as a solution for efficient management and operation of energy resources. Ukrainian government officials expressed a keen interest in KT Corp.’s proposals, aligning with Ukraine’s reconstruction objectives. They have decided to continue discussions for potential business cooperation.

Moon Sung-uk, head of global business at KT Corp., expressed the company’s commitment to contributing to Ukraine’s infrastructure improvement. He stated that KT Corp. intends to leverage its telecommunications expertise and ICT solutions capabilities to support Ukraine’s urgent needs. The company also plans to collaborate closely with other participating companies in the One Team Korea delegation to lead the reconstruction efforts in Ukraine.