KT Proposes Enhancing National Security in Ukraine through Quantum Encryption Solutions

Korea’s KT recently presented insights to the Ukraine government on improving its telecommunication infrastructure and managing networks efficiently. The presentation, titled “ICT Partner for Ukraine,” emphasized the importance of implementing a government-only LTE-based public safety network. KT believes that such a network would provide high security and enable rapid response in emergency situations.

In addition to the government-only network, KT proposed enhancing national security in Ukraine through quantum encryption solutions. This technology would offer advanced levels of data protection. KT also recommended constructing a government-exclusive integrated data center, further strengthening security measures.

Moon Sung-uk, head of KT’s Global Business, highlighted the value of a military-broadband convergence network (M-BcN) during the presentation. He suggested that an M-BcN would ensure stable communication and 24-hour monitoring in situation rooms. This recommendation was inspired by Korea’s own disaster responsive state network, which was launched in 2018.

KT is part of the delegation led by Korean Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong, called One Team Korea. The delegation is engaged in discussions with Ukraine regarding postwar reconstruction. Given the physical destruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure and the reported cyberattacks reflecting geopolitical tensions with Russia, KT’s focus on securing Ukraine’s telecommunication infrastructure is considered significant.

The proposed measures from KT aim to enhance national security and improve the efficiency of Ukraine’s telecommunication networks. By implementing a government-only LTE network, employing quantum encryption solutions, and establishing an integrated data center, Ukraine can strengthen its telecommunication infrastructure and respond effectively to emergencies.