Gurugram-based Comviva Partners with UK’s Lebara to Transform Messaging Platform

Gurugram-based mobile solutions provider Comviva has announced its partnership with UK-based telecom service provider Lebara to revamp Lebara’s messaging platform. Comviva’s cloud-based multitenant platform, UNO, will play a crucial role in optimizing Lebara’s cloud resources and utilizing software licenses, resulting in a shorter turnaround time for onboarding enterprises.

The collaboration aims to provide a unified approach for multiple mobile network virtual operators (MVNOs) in provisioning, controlling, and managing messaging services across various locations. UNO’s network consolidation feature will enable service integration, ensuring a seamless experience across the 2G-5G networks through IP capability.

Comviva’s UNO platform offers numerous benefits to Lebara, including enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved scalability. By leveraging cloud resources effectively, Lebara can streamline its operations and provide a swift onboarding experience for enterprises. The platform’s software licenses optimization feature also helps in minimizing unnecessary expenses.

This strategic partnership between Comviva and Lebara demonstrates a joint commitment to deliver cutting-edge messaging services to mobile users. The optimized messaging platform will enable Lebara to expand its customer base and enhance user experience.

The collaboration’s impact is expected to extend beyond just the messaging platform. By harnessing the capabilities of UNO, Lebara can explore new opportunities for service integration and innovation in the telecom sector.

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