PT Link Net Tbk Collaborates with Qwilt and Cisco to Enhance Content Delivery Network Solution

PT Link Net Tbk, operating as First Media in Indonesia, has partnered with Qwilt and Cisco to implement an advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution. With the aim of improving the quality and capacity of its streaming applications, Link Net plans to integrate Qwilt’s Open Caching-based architecture into its network edge. This integration will enable Link Net to handle larger data volumes, resulting in enhanced streaming experiences for its 3 million households across Indonesia.

Moreover, this collaboration allows Link Net to strengthen its content delivery infrastructure and offers an open Application Programming Interface (API) to content publishers. This gives regional content creators the ability to ensure the highest quality delivery of their content.

Initially, the deployment of this CDN solution will cover 27 cities in Indonesia, which is a significant step towards creating the largest federated CDN in the world. The partnership between Qwilt, Cisco, and Link Net holds great potential for content publishers, service providers, and consumers on a global scale.

Marlo Budiman, President Director & CEO of PT Link Net Tbk, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration in delivering exceptional customer experiences. He also highlights Link Net’s commitment to partnering with various content publishers, including popular OTT platforms like CATCHPLAY+, CinemaWorld On Demand, HBO GO, Lionsgate Play, MOLA, Viu, and Vision+, in order to meet the increasing demands for live streaming, video-on-demand, and application services.

Theodore Tzevelekis, Vice President at Cisco Networking, emphasizes the high-quality streaming experiences and future edge computing possibilities offered by this innovative platform.

Alon Maor, CEO and Co-Founder of Qwilt, expresses his delight at Link Net joining their global federation of service providers through the adoption of the Open Edge solution. He believes that Link Net’s implementation of Open Caching will empower the next generation of content experiences in Indonesia, strengthen the content delivery value chain, and create additional monetization opportunities.

Qwilt has already partnered with over 150 service providers worldwide, serving more than one billion unique subscribers globally. These partnerships span across multiple regions, making Qwilt a global leader in CDN solutions.