Lockheed Martin Announces Opening of Operations Center of the Future

Lockheed Martin has unveiled its Operations Center of the Future, a state-of-the-art technology test bed that demonstrates how future satellite operators can efficiently manage multiple space missions using a secure cloud infrastructure.

Located on Lockheed Martin’s campus near Denver, Colorado, the self-funded operations center utilizes the proven Compass™ Mission Planning and Horizon™ Command and Control software. With over 50 successful spacecraft missions under its belt, this ground-breaking system enables operators to manage individual satellites or entire constellations, regardless of their physical location.

The Operations Center of the Future boasts next-generation artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and cloud capabilities that bring operators closer to the mission than ever before. Operators can receive real-time mission alerts and securely make informed decisions from anywhere in the world. This cutting-edge test bed initially showcased its operations earlier this year by demonstrating the capabilities of the In-space Upgrade Satellite System (LM LINUSS™), which proved the viability of using small satellites to upgrade and sustain space architectures.

Thanks to its automation and AI/machine learning capabilities, the center has the flexibility to manage satellite constellations of varying sizes. Moreover, its streamlined software allows for consistent operations across missions, requiring minimal personnel and enabling remote operation agility.

The Operations Center of the Future will also serve as the command and control hub for upcoming missions such as Pony Express 2, TacSat, and the future LM 400 on-orbit tech demonstration.

Lockheed Martin’s Operations Center of the Future represents a significant leap forward in satellite mission management. Its innovative technologies and cloud-based infrastructure empower operators to make faster, smarter decisions and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of future space missions.