Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority Promotes Stakeholder Relationships Through Sports Activities

In an effort to foster strong relationships with its stakeholders, the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) recently organized sports activities at the Lilongwe Golf Club. Participants from the communication and telecommunication sectors came together to engage in various games including basketball, football, netball, pool, and bawo.

The MACRA Head of Human Resource and Administration, Mary Botoman, explained that the purpose of these sporting activities was to encourage social interaction among players in the sector. Additionally, the organization aimed to promote health and safety among the participants.

Zikubwerera Washon, representing the Malawi Post Corporation, expressed her support for the event and highlighted its importance in strengthening relationships within the communication sector. She emphasized that through these activities, individuals can avoid falling victim to various diseases, ultimately contributing to the betterment of the nation.

The initiative by MACRA is commendable as it not only serves as a platform for engagement and camaraderie but also promotes physical well-being and teamwork. Such events provide an opportunity for stakeholders to interact outside of formal settings, allowing for the exchange of ideas and the building of stronger ties.

By fostering collaboration and social interaction, MACRA is working towards creating a cohesive and interconnected communication sector in Malawi. Through these initiatives, the organization demonstrates its commitment to enhancing stakeholder relationships and achieving common goals in the industry.