Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Wings Announce Jersey Patch Partnership

Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall played a key role in establishing a landmark partnership between the NBA team and the WNBA’s Dallas Wings. Prior to Marshall’s hiring five years ago, the relationship between the two teams was minimal. However, Marshall’s efforts have led to the Wings featuring the Mavericks logo on their jerseys, along with the insignia of the Mavericks’ initiative called “Girls Empowered by Mavericks” (GEM). This partnership marks the WNBA’s first marquee agreement with an NBA franchise under different ownership.

Through the GEM program, the Wings have been able to reach over 3,000 girls in the Dallas area, organizing camps, wellness clinics, and workshops focusing on financial literacy and leadership skills. The agreement signifies the growing visibility of the Wings franchise, which relocated to the Dallas area eight years ago and currently plays at the University of Texas at Arlington arena.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban expressed his belief that attendance, television ratings, and the influence of WNBA players have all experienced growth in recent years. He attributes this growth, in part, to the impact of social media. The Wings are currently looking to secure their first playoff series victory since their move from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The partnership between the Mavericks and the Wings has been in development since discussions began before the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020. The collaboration has since expanded, with Wings players participating in GEM events even before the partnership was officially announced. Former Wings player Isabelle Harrison also completed an internship with the Mavericks. Marshall expressed her desire to create more internship opportunities for players in the future.

The arrival of CEO Cynt Marshall was a crucial factor in formalizing the multi-year relationship between the two teams. Greg Bibb, CEO of the Wings, highlighted the friendly relationship that had already existed between the two teams since the Wings’ arrival in the Dallas market. However, it was Marshall’s presence that brought the partnership to fruition. Marshall, who has a background in telecommunications, saw great potential in the collaboration and pushed for its development.

The Mavericks faced allegations of a hostile workplace environment in their business office in 2018. Owner Mark Cuban took swift action to address the issue and brought in Marshall to effect positive change. The Mavericks owner later donated $10 million to women’s causes. Marshall emphasized that the partnership between the Mavericks and Wings was driven by their shared values of character, respect, authenticity, fairness, teamwork, and safety.

Overall, the jersey patch partnership between the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Wings represents a significant milestone in collaboration between an NBA team and a WNBA franchise with separate ownership. The partnership not only strengthens the visibility of the Wings but also promotes initiatives focused on empowering young girls in the Dallas community.