Belgium Joins France in Reviewing Health Risks of Apple’s iPhone 12

Belgium has announced that it will be reviewing potential health risks associated with Apple’s iPhone 12 model, following France’s decision to halt sales due to breaches of radiation exposure limits. While there is no immediate prospect of an EU-wide ban, the European Commission will wait for feedback from other member states before taking any action.

Belgium’s state secretary for digitalization, Mathieu Michel, has requested confirmation and analysis from the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (IBPT). Furthermore, Michel has urged the regulator to assess all Apple smartphones and devices from other manufacturers in the future. However, he emphasized that European standards prioritize caution and there are currently no immediate safety concerns.

Previously, the iPhone 12 had passed the radiation test conducted by the French agency in 2021. Germany’s network regulator, BNetzA, stated that the French process could serve as a guide for Europe as a whole. They will examine the issue for the German market if sufficient progress is made in France. The Dutch digital watchdog also expressed plans to investigate the matter and seek an explanation from Apple. However, they maintain that there is no acute safety risk.

Portugal’s telecommunications regulator, ANACOM, is monitoring and analyzing the situation in coordination with France. They expect one of two outcomes: Apple correcting the situation or the European Union advising member states to implement proportional measures. As for the United Kingdom, where the iPhone 12 initially met radiation safety standards upon release, no plans have been announced following France’s decision.