MTN South Africa Partners with Eseye to Expand IoT Solutions Across Africa

MTN South Africa has announced a new partnership with Eseye, a global provider of IoT services. The partnership aims to expand Eseye’s IoT solutions in South Africa and eventually across 18 MTN operating companies in Africa.

To achieve this, Eseye will integrate its IoT solutions with MTN’s current infrastructure, utilizing their expertise in deploying rapid IoT solutions. Lawrence Juku, Head of IoT Solutions at MTN Business, expressed his confidence in Eseye’s expertise and solutions, stating that they will help accelerate the deployment of IoT across Africa, meeting the needs of their customers.

This partnership will enhance MTN South Africa’s IoT capabilities through Eseye’s IoT connectivity expertise, enabling them to offer a more comprehensive range of IoT services to their customers. MTN also aims to expand its IoT offerings not only in South Africa but across its entire continental footprint.

As part of this collaboration, MTN will provide an advanced cloud-based platform that offers a centralized management system for IoT devices. The platform will offer various features including remote provisioning, device management, and analytics, both locally and internationally.

Nick Earle, CEO of Eseye, expressed his delight in MTN’s trust in his company to deliver a new global eSIM and IoT platform. This platform will assist MTN’s customers in achieving their extended IoT goals.

Overall, this partnership between MTN South Africa and Eseye is expected to significantly improve IoT services and capabilities not just in South Africa, but across the African continent, benefiting a wide range of industries and sectors.