Netcracker Introduces GenAI Telco Solution for Transformative AI Technology in Telecom Industry

Netcracker Technology has unveiled its latest offering, the GenAI Telco Solution, which brings the power of Generative AI (GenAI) technology to the telecommunications industry. This solution allows communications service providers (CSPs) to leverage their valuable telecom data and knowledge in a secure and controlled manner, delivering significant benefits to customers, partners, and their own businesses.

The GenAI Telco Solution caters to specialized telco-centric scenarios, including Care Assistant, Agent Partner, Sales Assistant, Catalog Assistant, and Digital Operations Technician. Since most telco data is highly confidential and the telco business is specialized, CSPs require innovative techniques to tap into the transformative capabilities of GenAI models. Furthermore, given the continuously changing nature of telco data, operators face challenges in leveraging real-time data for optimal value and productivity improvements.

Netcracker has seamlessly integrated its telecom IT domain expertise with AI technology innovations, resulting in the GenAI Telco Solution. This solution comprises two key components: the GenAI Telco Platform, which enables the creation, testing, and optimization of telco-focused scenarios, and the GenAI Trust Gateway, which integrates with the telco IT and data analytics environment. The GenAI Trust Gateway ensures the highest quality GenAI interactions by providing personalized prompts and obfuscating sensitive telco data to maintain security and accuracy.

Netcracker has also integrated its solution with popular commercial GenAI models, offering CSPs the flexibility to choose the combination of public and private models that best suits their business needs and maximizes return on investment. Additionally, Netcracker has developed ready-to-use use cases for each telco business area, enabling quick adoption and realization of benefits.

The GenAI Telco Solution opens doors for generative AI technology across all telco domains while ensuring secure access to valuable telco data. By providing a comprehensive solution that addresses data privacy, security, and quality concerns, Netcracker enables service providers to derive tangible business value from GenAI, benefiting both their customers and internal operations.