New MDA Software-Defined Satellites Target Operator Pain Points with Digital Solutions

MDA Ltd., a leading provider of advanced technology and services in the global space industry, has unveiled its new software-defined digital satellite product line at the World Satellite Business Week conference. The transition from analog to digital satellite technology offers significant benefits to satellite operators, allowing for improved performance while reducing time, cost, and complexity in LEO (low Earth orbit) constellation networks.

Telesat, a major satellite operator, has selected MDA as the prime satellite contractor for its revolutionary LEO constellation called Telesat Lightspeed. MDA is developing a fully integrated portfolio of modular digital products and components for space-based communication solutions.

To meet the increasing demand for digital satellite technologies, MDA is launching a new software-defined digital satellite product line. This product line includes standardized and modular software-defined satellites, a regenerative on-board processor, digitally beamformed arrays, a constellation software suite, and an efficient digital payload solution for manufacturing.

The software-defined satellite product line aims to address operator pain points by offering innovative digital payload technologies, dynamic in-orbit reconfiguration, optimized communication routes, and advanced onboard flight telecom software. MDA’s high-volume manufacturing capabilities enable the production of two satellites per day, resulting in reduced costs and faster delivery.

According to market research firm NSR, the demand for software-defined satellites is on the rise. The industry is expected to order nearly 26,000 partially or fully flexible software-defined satellites over the next decade to accommodate the growing trend for high-volume production, lower costs, and standardized offerings.

MDA’s focus on digital satellite technology places them at the forefront of the industry transformation. By investing in new satellite innovation and infrastructure, MDA aims to drive new business models, revenue streams, and competitive advantages for operators, manufacturers, and commercial end-users.

MDA’s mission is to push the boundaries of space technology and enable the realization of ambitious space projects. With over 50 years of experience, MDA continues to lead in robotics, satellite systems, and geointelligence, working towards viable Moon colonies, enhanced Earth observation, and communication in a hyper-connected world.