ABB to Build New Robotics Centre in Europe

ABB, a leader in electrification and automation, has announced plans to build a state-of-the-art robotics centre in Europe. The $280 million project, known as the Robotics Campus, is expected to double the company’s production capacity in the region. Scheduled to open in 2026, the campus will feature automated manufacturing, research and development, as well as customer experience and training centers.

According to Sami Atiya, President of ABB’s Robotics and Discrete Automation Business Area, the new campus is a crucial part of the company’s global growth strategy. It will support European customers who are increasing their investments in robotics and artificial intelligence due to industry reshoring, the shift towards sustainable supply chains, and labor shortages. Atiya believes that the Robotics Campus will enable ABB to serve its customers more efficiently and unlock the full potential of automation across various sectors, including automotive, electronics, logistics, healthcare, e-commerce, and pharmaceuticals.

As the hub for ABB Robotics’ offerings in Europe, the campus will provide customers with AI-enabled collaborative and industrial robots, as well as digital solutions to support flexible automation. This aligns with ABB’s “local for local” production strategy, ensuring that customers have access to the latest automation technologies tailored to their specific needs.

The Robotics Campus will replace nine existing buildings in Vasteras and will serve as a modern workplace for ABB Robotics’ 1,300-strong workforce. It will include facilities such as a new factory, offices, a research and development center, an experience center, and a training center for customers and visitors. The new factory will feature autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to facilitate the movement of materials and products within the facility.

Overall, the construction of the Robotics Campus reflects ABB’s commitment to technological innovation and meeting the increasing demand for robotics in Europe. By enhancing production capabilities and providing advanced automation solutions, ABB aims to support its customers in boosting productivity and remaining competitive in today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape.

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