Panoptic Secures $7 Million and Unveils New Advancements Ahead of Ethereum Mainnet Launch

Panoptic, an incubation project and core portfolio holding of Advanced Blockchain AG, has closed a successful financing round, raising $7 million from prominent investors. This substantial investment comes as Panoptic prepares for its highly anticipated Ethereum mainnet launch.

In just over a year since its establishment, Panoptic has raised a total of $11.5 million in funding. The recent financing round was led by German-based Greenfield Capital, with contributions from HashKey, gumi Cryptos Capital (gCC), L1D, and other influential players in the blockchain industry. This infusion of capital has significantly increased the company’s valuation, adding value to Advanced Blockchain’s diverse investment portfolio.

Alongside the financing, Panoptic’s team has made significant progress in product development. Last month, they released the smart contract code to the wider community, setting the stage for the upcoming beta release. This milestone allows the community to explore the fundamental features of the protocol and final product.

Simon Telian, CEO of Advanced Blockchain, expressed his pride in Panoptic’s achievements, stating, “Panoptic’s innovation aims to bring decentralized perpetual options to the industry by building on top of Uniswap v3, the world’s largest decentralized exchange. With the backing of top-tier blockchain investors, the team is on a strong growth path in becoming a true market leader.”

Panoptic’s advancements and successful funding round demonstrate the increasing interest and support for blockchain projects. As the industry continues to evolve, projects like Panoptic are pushing boundaries and developing innovative solutions that have the potential to transform various sectors.


Q: What is Panoptic?
A: Panoptic is an incubation project and core portfolio holding of Advanced Blockchain AG, focusing on decentralized perpetual options.

Q: How much funding did Panoptic secure in its recent financing round?
A: Panoptic raised $7 million from prominent investors in the blockchain industry.

Q: What advancements did Panoptic unveil?
A: Panoptic released its smart contract code to the wider community, paving the way for the beta release and allowing users to explore the protocol’s features.

Q: Who led the recent financing round for Panoptic?
A: German-based Greenfield Capital led the financing round, with contributions from other influential investors such as HashKey and gumi Cryptos Capital.