New Article: AFEN Blockchain Network: A Risky Crypto Investment to Avoid

InvestorsObserver’s analysis of AFEN Blockchain Network reveals a high risk associated with this cryptocurrency. Using their proprietary scoring system, InvestorsObserver assesses the degree of price movement, trading volume, and market capitalization to determine if a crypto asset is susceptible to manipulation. The scoring system assigns a risk score on a scale of 0 to 100, with low scores indicating high risk and high scores indicating low risk.

Traders seeking to mitigate risk should take note of AFEN’s risk gauge rank, which currently points to a high risk investment. This information can be useful for traders looking to avoid or add risky assets to their portfolios.

Over the last 24 hours of trading, AFEN Blockchain Network has experienced a significant downturn, with a price decrease of -16.07%. This decline in price coincided with below-average trading volume and a decrease in the token’s market capitalization. Presently, AFEN’s market capitalization stands at $23,941.25, with $1,848.08 worth of the crypto being exchanged within the past day. Given the recent price movement relative to volume changes and market cap, AFEN has received a high risk assessment.

In summary, AFEN’s recent price volatility within the past 24 hours has resulted in a high risk score. Traders should exercise caution when considering investments in this cryptocurrency due to its susceptibility to manipulation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What is the risk assessment by InvestorsObserver for AFEN Blockchain Network?
A: InvestorsObserver has assigned a high risk assessment to AFEN Blockchain Network.

Q: How does the risk gauge rank help traders?
A: The risk gauge rank is useful for traders in assessing and avoiding (or adding) risky investments.

Q: What is the current price and market capitalization of AFEN Blockchain Network?
A: AFEN Blockchain Network is currently priced at $0.000163015, with a market capitalization of $23,941.25.

Q: What factors contribute to AFEN’s high risk assessment?
A: AFEN’s high risk assessment is attributed to the recent price volatility within the past 24 hours, relative to volume changes and market cap.