New Study Reveals UK’s Lack of Understanding of Emerging Technologies

ZUG, Switzerland, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BSV Blockchain has released its annual Blockchain Barometer in partnership with YouGov, shedding light on the UK’s knowledge gap when it comes to emerging technologies. The survey, which included over 13,000 consumers across the UK, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, and the US, highlighted the lack of understanding and trust in key technologies such as AI, cryptocurrencies, Chat GPT, blockchain, metaverse, Web 3, and IoT.

According to the survey, AI ranked highest in terms of understanding, with 53% of UK respondents claiming to have knowledge of the technology. Conversely, only 30% understood cryptocurrencies, 26% the metaverse, 13% blockchain, and a mere 6% Web3. These findings indicate a significant knowledge gap and highlight the need for education and awareness-building initiatives.

The survey also revealed that trust in emerging technologies varies across countries. While 54% of UK consumers expressed distrust in emerging technologies, Spain and Sweden demonstrated higher confidence levels. For example, 34% of Spanish respondents trust and use AI in their everyday lives, compared to 14% of US respondents and 15% of those in the UK. Moreover, the study found that 56% of Brits find the media untrustworthy, and a staggering 76% distrust social media.

Interestingly, the survey showed notable gender differences when it comes to digital asset ownership. British men were found to be three times more likely to own digital assets compared to British women. Additionally, female respondents expressed less trust and belief in technology compared to their male counterparts. Among the overall participants, 55% of UK women stated that they would not trust any technologies for day-to-day tasks like banking and shopping, compared to 52% of British men.

Despite the overall lack of understanding and trust, the survey highlighted the optimism of Gen Z. This age group demonstrated a greater willingness to learn about emerging technologies and showed more trust in AI and Web3. They were also more trusting of social media compared to the older respondents.

When asked about what would make them more interested in using blockchain technologies for day-to-day finances, respondents indicated a need for better understanding of the benefits and technology itself. Additionally, they expressed a desire to learn how blockchain technology is currently being used.

The findings from the survey emphasize the need for continued education and awareness-building efforts. BSV Blockchain plans to collaborate with schools, universities, regulators, and policymakers to foster trust in and understanding of emerging technologies.


Q: What technologies were included in the survey?
A: The survey examined understanding and trust in AI, cryptocurrencies, Chat GPT, blockchain, metaverse, Web 3, and IoT.

Q: Are UK consumers distrustful of emerging technologies?
A: Yes, the survey found that 54% of UK consumers expressed distrust in the listed emerging technologies.

Q: Do men and women have different levels of digital asset ownership?
A: Yes, the survey revealed that British men were three times more likely to own digital assets compared to British women.

Q: Which age group showed more optimism towards emerging technologies?
A: Gen Z, specifically the 18-24 age group, demonstrated more trust and willingness to adopt and learn about emerging technologies.

Q: What factors would make consumers more interested in using blockchain technologies?
A: Consumers cited a need for a better understanding of the benefits, the technology itself, and how it is currently being used.