New Article: First Quantum Minerals’ Operations in Panama Disrupted Due to Port Blockade

Canadian mining company First Quantum Minerals has experienced further disruptions in its ore processing operations at its mine in Panama. Blockades at a local port have impeded shipments of vital supplies necessary for the mine’s operations, leading to a reduction in ore processing activities. This disruption has resulted in the imminent depletion of supplies for the on-site power plant.

The ongoing port blockade is a consequence of protests that began after the Panamanian government and First Quantum signed a new contract for the company’s copper mine, Cobre Panama. The protesters argue that the terms of the contract favor First Quantum excessively and claim that there were corrupt practices involved in its approval. However, the company has firmly rejected these allegations.

In a recent statement, First Quantum Minerals expressed concern that if the blockade persists and supplies essential to running the power plant cannot be delivered, the company’s local unit, Minera Panama (MPSA), will be compelled to take further action. This may include reducing processing activities even more and temporarily suspending production.

The situation casts a shadow over the production outlook for First Quantum Minerals in Panama. The company had been making significant progress in its mining operations until the port blockade disrupted its supply chain. Further delays or a prolonged blockade could have significant consequences for the company’s financial performance and overall operational efficiency.


Q: What led to the disruption of First Quantum Minerals’ operations in Panama?
A: Blockades at a local port have hindered the shipment of necessary supplies, impacting the company’s ability to power its operations at the mine in Panama.

Q: Why are protesters demonstrating against First Quantum Minerals?
A: The protesters believe that the new contract between the Panamanian government and First Quantum is excessively favorable to the company. They also allege corrupt practices in the contract’s approval.

Q: What actions may First Quantum Minerals take if the blockade continues?
A: The company’s local unit, Minera Panama (MPSA), may further reduce ore processing activities and temporarily suspend production if the blockade prevents the delivery of essential supplies.

Q: How could the disruption affect First Quantum Minerals’ outlook?
A: Prolonged disruptions or delays in the supply chain could have adverse effects on the company’s financial performance and overall operational efficiency in Panama.