Chippewa Falls Middle School Encourages Students to Participate in Afterschool Activities

Chippewa Falls Middle School in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is advocating for students to engage in afterschool programs through their Voyagers initiative. This program offers students various opportunities to explore different interests such as music, baking, robotics, and self-defense. The student program coordinator, Erin Roberts, shares that hundreds of students enroll in Voyagers each year, with many reporting improved academic performance as a result.

Roberts emphasizes that the afterschool activities help students unlock their full potential and develop skills that can aid them in their studies. She mentions receiving positive feedback from students who attribute their improved focus and academic success to their participation in the program. Voyagers also aims to guide students in discovering potential career paths. For instance, if a student enjoys cooking, the program encourages them to explore culinary arts as a potential career field.

Registration for this year’s Voyagers afterschool program opened last week, showcasing the commitment of Chippewa Falls Middle School to provide students with opportunities beyond regular school hours. Additionally, the school offers scholarships to families in need of financial assistance, ensuring that all students can participate.

By offering a diverse range of activities, Chippewa Falls Middle School recognizes that afterschool programs contribute significantly to a student’s overall growth and development. These programs allow students to pursue their passions, develop new skills, and gain valuable experiences that can shape their future aspirations.

– Chippewa Falls Middle School
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