Discovering Starfield: Hidden Outfits, In-Game Memorials, and Customizable Load Screens

In the highly anticipated game Starfield, players are on the lookout for powerful outfits and hidden secrets. Two outfits that stand out from the rest are the Mantis and Nishina suits. These outfits are considered some of the most powerful in the game, but acquiring them requires going beyond the quest trackers.

The Mantis Spacesuit can only be obtained through a secret quest. To trigger this quest, players must find the “Secret Outpost” note, which is not a guaranteed drop from a Spacer. This elusive note holds the key to obtaining the Mantis Spacesuit.

On the other hand, the Nishina Spacesuit is even more challenging to acquire. It can only be obtained during the mission “Entangled,” and players must succeed in saving both dimensions during this quest. To accomplish this, players must carefully read in-game notes, follow their instructions by navigating between realities, and ignore the quest UI’s guidance.

Meanwhile, Bethesda, the developer of Starfield, pays tribute to a dedicated fan, Alex Hay, who tragically passed away before the release of the game. The Eye station, orbiting around Jemison in the Alpha Centauri station, contains a hidden note dedicated to Hay. This touching memorial serves as a reminder of Hay’s love for the game and his unfortunate absence from experiencing it.

Starfield also offers players a customizable load screen experience. By utilizing the game’s photo mode, players can pause the action and capture their favorite moments. These screenshots can then be personalized, adjusting lighting, character poses, and more. The game automatically adds these customized images to the library of loading screens. Players have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and potentially create screenshots that surpass those created by Bethesda themselves.

Starfield provides a rich and immersive experience, filled with hidden treasures, in-game memorials, and customization options. Players will find themselves venturing into the depths of the game’s universe, unearthing its secrets, and creating lasting memories along the way.

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