First Quantum Minerals Receives “Hold” Recommendation from Analysts

According to a recent report by Marketbeat, First Quantum Minerals Ltd. (OTCMKTS:FQVLF) has been given an average recommendation of “Hold” by twelve research firms that cover the company. Out of these, two analysts have rated the stock as a sell, five as a hold, and five as a buy. The average 1 year price objective among the brokers that have issued ratings on the stock is $30.75.

Several research reports have been published on FQVLF. Barclays, for example, dropped their price objective from C$27.00 to C$26.00 in a recent report. Meanwhile, Raymond James downgraded the stock from an “outperform” rating to a “market perform” rating. On the other hand, TD Securities raised their price objective from C$41.00 to C$44.00, and CIBC raised theirs from C$29.00 to C$34.00. Stifel Nicolaus decreased their target price from C$40.00 to C$39.00.

First Quantum Minerals, which opened at $22.49 on Thursday, has a 50-day moving average price of $26.12 and a 200-day moving average price of $24.39. It has a quick ratio of 0.95, a current ratio of 1.70, and a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.48. The company has a market cap of $15.59 billion, a PE ratio of 40.51, a PEG ratio of 9.23, and a beta of 2.02. Its 52-week low is $15.61 and its 52-week high is $29.79.

First Quantum Minerals last reported its quarterly earnings on July 25th, revealing an earnings per share (EPS) of $0.12, which matched analysts’ consensus estimates. The company generated $1.65 billion in revenue for the quarter, with a net margin of 5.88% and a return on equity of 3.33%. Analysts predict that First Quantum Minerals will post 0.84 EPS for the current year.

Additionally, First Quantum Minerals recently announced a dividend, with stockholders of record on August 28th receiving $0.0606 per share. The company’s payout ratio currently stands at 21.05%.

First Quantum Minerals, with operations in countries such as Zambia, Panama, and Finland, primarily explores for and produces copper, nickel, pyrite, silver, gold, zinc ores, and acid. The company also has a development project in Zambia.

– First Quantum Minerals Ltd. website