New Measures Taken at Cobre Panama Due to Blockade

First Quantum, a prominent mining company, has announced that it is implementing further measures at its Cobre Panama mine in response to an ongoing blockade. This blockade has prevented the delivery of essential supplies to the mine, specifically hindering the operations of the power plant.

In a recent news release, First Quantum expressed their concerns about the illegal actions taking place at the Punta Rincón port, which is preventing the delivery of vital supplies necessary for the power plant’s operation. Should this blockade persist and impede the delivery of these supplies, the company will gradually reduce operations at the mine and temporarily halt production.

Reuters has reported that First Quantum is even considering transitioning the Panama copper mine into a care and maintenance mode as early as this week, in an effort to mitigate the ongoing challenges created by the blockade.

The significance of this action should not be underestimated. Cobre Panama is one of the top ten copper mines globally, with the company producing an impressive 350,438 tonnes of copper in 2022 alone. The company’s ranking reflects its strong position in the mining industry, making this situation a critical concern.

As a result of these challenges, copper prices have experienced a recent uptick, rising by 3.91% over the past five days to reach $3.84. This increase signifies the potential impact the supply limitations at Cobre Panama could have on the global copper market.


Q: How is the blockade affecting operations at Cobre Panama?
A: The blockade is preventing the delivery of supplies necessary for the power plant’s operation, making it difficult to sustain normal operations at the mine.

Q: Are there any alternative solutions being considered?
A: First Quantum is evaluating the possibility of placing the copper mine in care and maintenance mode temporarily, as a measure to address the ongoing blockade issue.

Q: How has this situation impacted copper prices?
A: Copper prices have risen by 3.91% in the past five days due to concerns surrounding the supply limitations resulting from the blockade at Cobre Panama.