Huawei Disappoints Fans and Raises Questions with Mate 60 Pro Launch

Huawei’s highly anticipated Mate 60 Pro smartphone has left fans and US officials disappointed as the company failed to provide detailed information about the device during its recent product launch event. The smartphone, which has become a symbol of the tech rivalry between the United States and China, has garnered significant attention since its release last month.

Despite showcasing a range of new products including a tablet, smartwatch, and even a challenge to Tesla, Huawei’s consumer chief, Richard Yu, avoided discussing the flagship device that has sparked calls for further sanctions against the Chinese tech giant. This comes as the United States has been working to hinder Huawei’s access to advanced semiconductors.

Notably, the Mate 60 Pro was quietly released in August without a formal launch event or complete technical specifications. This decision left consumers and industry experts puzzled, with many taking to Chinese social media platform Weibo to express their disappointment and demand answers.

During the event, Huawei did introduce a new premium collection called Ultimate Design, which includes a luxury smartphone and smartwatch. Few details were revealed about these products, although the company stated that the smartwatch was made with real gold, giving it a hefty price tag.

Tech analysts have expressed confusion over Huawei’s decision to not discuss its smartphones, particularly the chip in the Mate 60 Pro. Despite American export controls, the handset is said to include a 5G chip, suggesting that Huawei may have found a way to overcome these restrictions.

After suffering setbacks due to US export restrictions and the sale of its budget mobile brand Honor, Huawei is slowly making a comeback. According to Counterpoint Research, the company’s smartphone sales in China grew by 58% in the second quarter of this year, and its market share rose from 6.9% to 11.3%.

Furthermore, Huawei’s Mate 60 series has seen a surge in sales, with weekly units sold almost tripling to 225,000, posing a potential challenge to Apple’s market share in China.

Apart from the Mate 60 Pro, Huawei also unveiled other products such as the latest version of its MatePad Pro, a new smart TV, wireless earphones, and even its first sedan, the Luxeed S7, which is set to rival Tesla’s Model S.

It remains to be seen why Huawei opted for a low-key launch for its flagship device, leaving many questions unanswered. However, the company’s continued growth and innovation in the Chinese market indicate a determination to overcome obstacles and reestablish its position in the smartphone industry.

– Huawei: A Chinese multinational technology company specializing in telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics.
– Mate 60 Pro: Huawei’s flagship smartphone known for its advanced features and capabilities.
– Semiconductors: Electronic components that provide the foundation for modern technology, including smartphones.
– Export controls: Government-imposed restrictions on the exportation of certain goods or technologies.

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