Moldova Robotics Team Excels at FIRST Global 2023 Competition in Singapore

Moldova’s Robotics Team has once again showcased its talent and dedication by securing the GOLD medal in the Innovation and Engineering category and a SILVER medal for the Renewable Energy Innovation Project at the FIRST Global 2023 held in Singapore. This impressive victory follows the team’s outstanding performance in 2019 where they won three medals at the “FIRST Global” competition in Dubai.

The Minister of Education of Moldova, Mr. Dan Perciun, expressed his pride in the team’s achievement and emphasized the importance of investing in infrastructure and teachers’ skills to drive excellence in STEM education. He believes that Moldova’s education system will become a global example of adapting to new realities and embracing technologies.

Victoria Belous, Director of Future Classroom, applauded the National Educational Robotics Program, which has reached over 200,000 students nationwide. She sees the Moldovan team’s victory at FIRST Global as a testament to the program’s success and the exceptional talent and determination of the country’s youth.

Moldova’s commitment to nurturing IT and engineering talents is evident through its introduction of educational robotics programs in over 200 K-12 schools. The country consistently achieves top positions in international competitions as a result of these STEM initiatives.

In addition to nurturing young talents, Moldova focuses on strengthening its IT and engineering sectors through higher education institutions. Approximately 6,000 students are prepared annually to join the growing Precision Engineering and IT companies in the nation. Moldova is rapidly undergoing digital transformation, implementing digitization in various sectors such as agriculture, creative services, and government services. The country’s small size enables quick and inclusive implementation of digital solutions, further solidifying its presence in the global arena.

Moldova takes pride in its multidisciplinary expertise in engineering, prototyping, IoT, robotics, and embedded programming. The nation boasts a skilled workforce that delivers full-stack solutions and comprehensive development assistance to international clients. Moldova is home to cutting-edge manufacturers and hosts the R&D Center of Draxelmaier, as well as representative offices of global giants like Siemens, Gebauer & Griller, and Fujikura.

The theme for the FIRST Global 2023 competition, “Hydrogen Horizons,” highlighted the increasing need for cleaner and fairer energy solutions. Moldova’s Robotics Team, true to the competition’s ethos, showcased their commitment to science and technology while championing transformative global causes.

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