The Netherlands Joins U.S.-Led Artemis Accords in Space Exploration Partnership

The Netherlands has officially joined the U.S.-led Artemis Accords, a significant step in the country’s commitment to space exploration and collaboration. In a ceremony held in Washington, Director of the Netherlands Space Office, Harm van de Wetering, signed the Accords, highlighting the strong partnership between NASA and the Netherlands in space endeavors.

By signing the Artemis Accords, the Netherlands emphasizes the shared values and responsibilities in space and acknowledges the collective obligation to promote safe and responsible space exploration. This move comes as no surprise, as the Dutch government announced earlier its intention to join the Accords while investing €22.2 million ($23.6 million) to upgrade the European Space Research and Technology Centre, an essential European Space Agency facility located in the Netherlands.

The Artemis Accords, introduced by NASA in 2020, aim to establish a comprehensive framework of best practices for space exploration, drawing inspiration from international agreements such as the Outer Space Treaty. The Accords cover various aspects, including the registration of space objects, interoperability, and the utilization of space resources.

In the recent meeting at the International Astronautical Congress, the Accords’ signatories convened to discuss progress on two working groups. The first group focuses on enhancing transparency in lunar exploration missions to prevent any disruptive interference, while the second group aims to engage other nations to participate in the Accords.

As one of the oldest allies of the United States, the Netherlands’ partnership with NASA holds great promise in shaping a future characterized by limitless possibilities and groundbreaking discoveries. The Dutch tradition of supporting peaceful space policies is exemplified by their involvement in the Hague International Space Resources Governance Working Group, which has tackled critical issues related to safety, due regard, and the avoidance of harmful interference.

The Netherlands becomes the 31st country to join the Artemis Accords, showcasing their commitment to contributing to a peaceful and prosperous future in space. While the announcement may have surprised some observers by its lack of fanfare, it is not uncommon for countries to quietly join the Accords, as was the case with Ukraine, the first country to sign on after the original group of eight nations in October 2020.


Q: What are the Artemis Accords?
A: The Artemis Accords are a set of guidelines established by NASA to promote safe and responsible space exploration, drawing from international agreements on various topics related to space activities.

Q: How many countries have signed the Artemis Accords?
A: As of the Netherlands’ recent signing, a total of 31 countries have joined the Artemis Accords.

Q: What does the Netherlands’ signing of the Accords mean for space exploration?
A: The Netherlands’ participation in the Accords signifies their commitment to collaborative space exploration efforts and adherence to best practices for the peaceful and responsible use of outer space resources.

Q: How do the Artemis Accords relate to the Outer Space Treaty?
A: The Artemis Accords build upon the principles outlined in the Outer Space Treaty and other international agreements, aiming to expand upon and clarify guidelines for space exploration and utilization.