Quandela Secures €50 Million Funding to Fuel Global Expansion and Boost Quantum Computing Production

Photonic quantum computing firm Quandela has recently emerged triumphant in its quest for over €50 million ($54.7 million) in funding from a combination of investors, public funding, and banking partners. This substantial capital raise will act as a catalyst for Quandela’s international expansion plans and further propel the company’s industrial development.

In an effort to cater to the escalating demands of its industrial clientele, Quandela has commenced the production of three cutting-edge quantum computers within its facility. These highly advanced machines are set to be dispatched to eager customers starting from 2024. With its solid establishment in Germany, Quandela now aims to consolidate its foothold in North American and Asian countries, effectively positioning itself as a global leader in the field of photonic quantum computing.

The upcoming months will witness an upsurge in Quandela’s workforce as the company foresees the need to bolster its manpower in order to effectively tackle the challenges associated with international expansion. This strategic move is a testament to Quandela’s commitment to delivering top-notch quantum computing solutions on a global scale.

Among the new investors who have joined forces with Quandela are prominent names such as Serena, Crédit Mutuel Innovation, and the European Innovation Council Fund. These notable additions complement the existing roster of investors, which includes Bpifrance, OMNES Capital, and Quantonation. Moreover, Quandela has received commendable backing from France 2030, having been honored as the laureate of the esteemed “Première usine” call for projects operated by Bpifrance.

This significant funding milestone signifies Quandela’s relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of quantum computing and its unwavering commitment to innovation and growth. With this newfound financial support, Quandela is poised to reshape the landscape of quantum computing, propelling the technology forward and paving the way for transformative breakthroughs in various industries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Quandela?

Quandela is a photonic quantum computing company that specializes in developing advanced quantum computers using groundbreaking photonic technology.

2. What is the purpose of the funding secured by Quandela?

The funding secured by Quandela aims to support the company’s global expansion plans and enhance its industrial development, enabling it to increase production of quantum computers to meet the growing demands of industrial clients.

3. When will Quandela begin delivering its new quantum computers?

Quandela is scheduled to start delivering its latest quantum computers in 2024.

4. Which countries does Quandela plan to establish a stronger presence in?

Quandela aims to solidify its position in North American and Asian countries, in addition to its existing presence in Germany.

5. Who are some of the key investors that have supported Quandela?

New investors that have joined Quandela include Serena, Crédit Mutuel Innovation, and the European Innovation Council Fund. Existing investors include Bpifrance, OMNES Capital, and Quantonation.

6. What recognition has Quandela received from France 2030?

Quandela has been honored as the laureate of the “Première usine” call for projects, operated by Bpifrance, with the support of France 2030. This recognition highlights Quandela’s innovative capabilities and potential impact on the quantum computing industry.