Smart Tech Showcased at Asian Games Village in Hangzhou

The Asian Games Village in Hangzhou has become a platform for local Big Tech companies and start-ups to showcase their latest technological innovations. Among the highlights at the Smart Technology Experience Centre are three robot dogs created by start-up Deep Robotics. These robot dogs, capable of dancing to music, are just one example of the host city’s tech inventions.

During the opening ceremony of the Asian Games at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium, virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI) took center stage. The event featured a digital fireworks show exclusively viewable on smartphones, computers, and televisions. For local tech firms, the Asian Games serves as an opportunity to support a significant state project.

Alibaba Cloud, the official information technology integrator and cloud service provider for this year’s Games, is a prime example of a local firm using the event to showcase its technology. Alibaba Cloud played a crucial role in transmitting live streams of the event to billions of viewers during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Deep Robotics, in particular, sees the Games as a chance to demonstrate the capabilities of its robot dogs. These dogs have been employed since April to conduct daily inspections at underground electricity substations, taking over dangerous and repetitive tasks.

In addition to robotics, other consumer-facing devices have also made appearances at the Games. For example, a green food vending machine developed by Hangzhou-based Kuaie Fresh has become popular among event staff. This machine can produce meals with pre-cooked ingredients in just two minutes.

The adoption of technology and innovation is a common theme among these companies. Huang Jianwei, the founder of ScentRealm, a Hangzhou firm specializing in recreating scents using digital technology, believes that events like the Asian Games provide an ideal platform to showcase scientific and technological achievements.

Overall, the Asian Games Village in Hangzhou serves as a testament to China’s technological ambitions, providing a window into the country’s growing tech industry and innovation ecosystem.

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