The EPB Quantum Network: A Flexible Solution for Quantum Networking

The EPB Quantum Network, powered by Qubitekk and in collaboration with Aliro Quantum, has officially opened its doors to customers. This quantum-as-a-service network offers a unique feature in the form of software configuration capabilities, providing users with flexibility and control over their network operations.

The network currently consists of 216 dedicated and managed dark fibers, with the capacity to accommodate 10 interconnected quantum nodes across downtown Chattanooga. Additionally, the network can leverage a separate 9000-mile fiber optic network in the Chattanooga metropolitan area for further scalability. The aim of this network is to facilitate the testing of applications, product development, equipment performance validation, and experimentation with quantum networking technology for both commercial and non-commercial organizations.

Customers have the option to use hardware components, such as photon sources and detectors, provided by the EPB Quantum Network partners, or they can bring their own. However, a standout feature of this network is the availability of the AliroNetTM software from Aliro Quantum. This software offers a graphical user interface that allows users to configure and control network operations with ease. According to the network partners, this level of flexibility sets the EPB Quantum Network apart from other quantum networks currently available.

For further information about the EPB Quantum Network and its latest developments, a press release can be found [source]. Additionally, a YouTube promotional video is available [source]. To access more detailed information about the network and inquire about pricing, visit their webpage [source].

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