Vadodara Team Wins Bronze in World Robotics Olympiad National Championship

A team from Vadodara has achieved a remarkable feat by winning the bronze medal in the World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) 2023 national championship. This talented group of young robotics enthusiasts will now represent India at the international championship in Panama City, Panama. The team, known as Spero Hertz, consists of two 15-year-old students, Hriday Parikh and Shreyaans Bohora, from Navrachana School, Sama, along with their coach Mukesh Bind.

The WRO comprises three levels of competition: regional, national, and international. After successfully qualifying at the regional level in Pune, the team showcased their skills at the national level held in Greater Noida. The national competition, hosted by India STEM Foundation, saw the team facing the challenge of creating a versatile robot that can handle tasks such as loading and unloading ships, fueling them, and navigating them in open waters to solve ocean traffic problems. In an impressive display of their abilities, the team’s robot completed the challenge in just 85 seconds.

Hriday Parikh, a member of the team, has previously achieved remarkable success in the field of robotics, winning the national championship in 2016 and 2018, as well as an international championship in 2019. Parikh has been devoted to learning robotics and coding since the age of 8, showcasing his passion and dedication to the field.

Robotics competitions like the WRO not only showcase the skills and potential of young robotics enthusiasts but also provide a platform for them to gain valuable experience and exposure. These competitions encourage students to think creatively, solve complex problems, and work collaboratively as a team. The remarkable achievements of teams like Spero Hertz inspire other students to pursue their interest in robotics and STEM fields.

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