Tod’s Joins Aura Blockchain Consortium to Enhance Customer Experience and Authenticity

Italian luxury brand Tod’s has recently become a member of the Swiss-based Aura Blockchain Consortium, joining forces with renowned companies such as LVMH, Mercedes-Benz, Prada Group, and Cartier. The consortium, established in 2021, aims to address the challenges of communicating authenticity, responsible sourcing, and sustainability through the use of blockchain technology.

By leveraging the Consortium’s Digital Product Passport (DPP) technology, Tod’s will provide its customers with an enhanced experience and an extra layer of authenticity and transparency. One of the first products to benefit from this technology is the Tod’s Custom Di Bag. Through a digital product passport, customers will have access to ownership certificates and detailed information about their bag, including its life cycle from creation to purchase. Additionally, sustainability certifications for raw materials and packaging will be available.

Each custom Di Bag will be digitally linked to an immutable traceability token accessible through an NFC chip. Furthermore, customers will also receive a digital twin token, providing proof of ownership of the physical bag. The DPP may also include exclusive benefits for bag owners, potentially paving the way for a blockchain-based loyalty program.

Aura Blockchain Consortium’s technology has already been utilized in the certificates of authenticity for Dior’s connected B-33 sneakers launched earlier this year, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of the system.

Carlo Alberto Beretta, Tod’s General Brand Manager, expressed excitement about joining the transformative journey with Aura Blockchain Consortium, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to enhancing customer experience. Beretta believes this partnership will enable Tod’s to share the story behind its timeless products directly with customers, thanks to the power of blockchain technology.

Moving forward, Tod’s plans to expand the use of the Consortium’s solutions to additional collections, further strengthening the brand’s commitment to authenticity and customer satisfaction.


What is the Aura Blockchain Consortium?
The Aura Blockchain Consortium is a non-profit association formed by prominent companies, including LVMH, Mercedes-Benz, Prada Group, and Cartier, to address challenges related to authenticity, responsible sourcing, and sustainability using blockchain technology.

How does Tod’s use blockchain technology?
By utilizing the Digital Product Passport (DPP) technology developed by the Aura Blockchain Consortium, Tod’s provides customers with enhanced experiences and increased transparency. Customers can access ownership certificates and information about their products’ life cycles, including sustainability certifications for the raw materials and packaging used.

What are the benefits of the Digital Product Passport?
The Digital Product Passport offers customers an extra layer of authenticity and transparency. It allows them to prove ownership of their product through a digital twin token while providing information about the product’s creation and sustainability credentials. The DPP may also include exclusive benefits for customers, potentially leading to the establishment of a blockchain-based loyalty program.

What other brands are part of the Aura Blockchain Consortium?
Besides Tod’s, other notable members of the Aura Blockchain Consortium include LVMH, Mercedes-Benz, Prada Group, and Cartier. These companies, renowned for their luxury products, have come together to overcome the challenges associated with authenticity, responsible sourcing, and sustainability in the industry.

Is Tod’s the first brand to collaborate with the Aura Blockchain Consortium?
No, Tod’s is not the first brand to collaborate with the Aura Blockchain Consortium. Dior, an esteemed brand in the luxury fashion industry, has previously worked with the Consortium to provide certificates of authenticity for its connected B-33 sneakers. The success of this collaboration demonstrates the efficacy of the Aura Blockchain Consortium’s technology.